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CSL have been working with our colleagues in the event industry to help the industry deal with the challenges of Covid-19.
We want to help get the events industry and the wider economy back up and running and to assist the government in any way we can. Events are at the heart of Irish tourism, hospitality and cultural industries and are the very reason why millions of leisure and business tourists travel to Ireland.

Our industry has been the first hit and the hardest hit. Companies have been reduced to zero revenue. But it has proven to be resilient, adaptive and creative through all previous crises and will be again this time.

For the events industry, recovery will take longer than the general economy. The industry is viable but needs urgent long government support. A strong events industry will support a wider economic recovery, secure tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of euro in exports.

Events Industry Report, 2020
Event Industry Ireland commissioned an independent report on the events industry from people working in a wide range of areas within the events industry in Ireland. The results of this report show the scale and strength of the industry pre-Covid-19 and the impact this pandemic has already had on the events industry. Events were the first industry to be hit by this crisis and, unfortunately, we will be the last to recover. In order for our industry to survive, we have some very urgent appeals to Government.
The Events Industry in Ireland has the following requests of Government
During these unprecedented times, Event Industry Ireland is actively lobbying the Government to ensure its support of the industry from the impact of Covid-19. We have some very urgent appeals to the Government in order for our industry to survive.
While we appreciate the support that has been given to our industry so far, we need this to be continued for some time if businesses in our industry are to survive through Covid-19.

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