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Digital Solutions & Integration

Get the most out of your event by integrating digital into your event plan. We offer a range of digital solutions that will seamlessly take your event online, extending its reach to engage a wider audience, and add significantly to the overall event experience. 

Attendee Management: From online guest registration, digital e-vites, event check-in to data collection and surveys, we can help ensure a more individualised experience for each attendee while saving you time and money by gathering information in advance and in one place.  

Social Media Integration: We work with clients to identify the most appropriate channels for an event and create engaging social media content for brands to interact with, learn from and develop relationships with their audiences. From video teasers, social walls to live streaming, social media can drive attendance, create buzz before, during and after an event, and maximise it's impact.

Virtual and Augmented Reality: We partner with the leading companies specialising in VR, AR and 360-degree media to provide content creation services and source the latest technology. Whether you are looking for bespoke staff training programmes, immersive customer experiences or unique product demonstrations, we will work to find the best digital solution for your brand.

Digital Production: From video production, presentations and live streaming, to websites, digital ads and social media posts, our team can create engaging media content for your audiences on and offline. We can create content to work as a standalone piece of an event, and work that shares your brand stories with digital audiences.

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