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Plan now for Post COVID-19 Events

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Who knows how the world will have changed post covid and post lockdown. But one thing that won’t have changed is the effectiveness of real live face to face time. From consumers events or corporate meetings, to entertainments and conferences people, companies and brands will have been starved of this and will be looking at ways to reengage with their staff who have been through so much, their clients and customers who they may not have seen in ages. Some of these events may need to be innovative and new but we are social beings we don’t and won’t belong in isolation and behind computer screens forever.

Staff Engagement

One of the biggest areas for CSL ‘before Covid’ (BC) was the area of staff engagement. More and more companies had been recognising the importance of events focused on engaging, motivating or rewarding staff and employees. In recognition that employee retention and well being is now a critical business function. No longer are these seen as just a perks or for those cool tech companies in the docklands but a key component in HR policy and business effectiveness.


From staff parties, team building events, staff awards, incentive trips, corporate retreats, creative meetings to a simple night out or a team breakfast or even just a desk drop of some small token reward.

When the lockdown is over, consideration of the stress, the flexibility, the sacrifices, the hard work that your companies staff are going should be recognised. Like our company, our company assets went home every evening. Now, they are at home and still working. I’m sure you don’t need us to make the business case for staff events from a motivating, productivity staff retention etc. case but what we can do is help you plan ways to engage and reward your staff.

Corporate and Consumer Events

While companies and brands continue to battle through the clutter in the digital space the time will come again for brands to really connect with clients and customers through live experiences. From live brand experiences, corporate meetings and conferences, incentive and reward events both people and companies will be craving for a return to this. While it may take time for things to return to full normal, planning now on how to maximise the impact and effectiveness of events in the future will be very worthwhile.

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