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Virtual Events during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

As social beings, nothing beats real face to face interaction.

But just because taking things digital is not as good doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

We are social beings. We crave social interaction. Not only in our personal lives but also our work lives. For most of us, we appreciate this now even more. At CSL Events we have built our business by connecting brands and people through memorable marketing experiences. Bringing ideas to life, and life is real. Real iteration face to face. But the reality at the moment is that this just is not possible.

So, what to do ?

Do we wait for a time when we can re-engage with our key stakeholders because deep down, no matter what a cool looking techie tells us about how exceptional a platform is, we know that there is no real substitute for real facetime with people. Or alternatively, do we except that we can’t and look at ways to go online.

The reality is, we must embrace the tech. We must engage and communicate and while it won’t beat real facetime, it still provides a platform to engage and right now that is better than not engaging at all.

So what are the options?

The reality is there is a tech solution for most things now. It is all about the idea and the content. This is what will make your engagement meaningful and impactful. Different brands and different companies will have different needs and different communications objectives. From live events on social media channels, virtual conferences, our enhanced meetings using interactive software to get the most out of those Microsoft teams and zoom meetings.

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