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Virtual & Hybrid Events

Virtual Events 


Why restrict your event with physical boundaries when you can host your event virtually, allowing guests to attend from home, from their place of work abroad or on the go. With today’s ever-evolving digital landscape there is a range of solutions to bring your event to your guests in innovative and creative ways. No longer are we confined by venue capacity or the physical location of keynote speakers or attendees. We can bring that world to one place hosted and managed by your dedicated CSL Event Manager. 

In a traditional event setting, we work with clients to find the perfect venue to host their event, a venue that delivers for their specific needs, capacity, breakout spaces, access to transport links and accommodation. With virtual events we build it. We work to customise your URL and event landing page, build your virtual event space, from the foyer, auditoriums, networking lobby, exhibition areas to information points. Working with you to host and build your virtual event space. We can manage all aspects of event registration, data collection, payments to event reporting. 

Whether you are using live broadcast sessions, or on-demand pre-recorded content or a combination of both, we can bring your keynote speakers and attendees together in engaging and interactive ways. Set up networking areas to allow group chats or one to one text, video or audio chats to help your attendees get the most from their event experience. Create a virtual exhibition hall to showcase exhibitors and sponsors. Encourage your guests to explore all the areas with engaging gamification and rewards. Whatever the event, talk to us, see how we can transform the virtual space into your very own virtual conference centre. 


Hybrid Events 

Why not get the best of both worlds. Host a hybrid event, incorporating the virtual with the physical. Using the physical event space and broadcasting your event to a broader audience using virtual platforms. Don’t be restricted think beyond the physical event and allow your event to deliver greater audience numbers or to reach audiences that can’t travel or be in the physical space with you. Have the best of both worlds. Talk to us on how we can incorporate hybrid events into your event calendar. 

Download some ideas for events during the COVID19 lockdown

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